IBI Education

We at IBi believe in the power of Art and strive to teach the ordinary layperson about the magic that arrives in ordinary acts of creativity

Art Classes

IBi Art school provides a free space  for new and experienced artists to use the space to explore and learn. The space can be used as a novice art maker and or a more experienced artist. Our workshops begin from introductory courses in drawing and painting in both acrylic and oil, mixed medium,ceramics, teaching based on signs, colours and symbols to create meaning.

Isa is available and teaches herself assisting both new and young artists and more experienced artists. There are weekly classes at night on a Tuesday and Wed evening and Monday and Friday afternoons for younger students. Everyone is welcome!


Nia is a dance form which is based on moving in your bodies way. 52 moves were created by  Debby Roussos ,the founder and her partner Carlos. It is a form of  mind, body , soul movement that took from  the various  dance art forms. These include  Modern dance, Duncan dance, Karate, Tai Chi , Feldenkraus -neo plasticity to name but a few. The dance form has developed many routines to specific music that enhances health and fitness.  

IBI Education Workshops

iBi Art works in the Ngo and Social responsibility realm using teaching to communicate, teach and heal through various art processes

iBi Art educates through fun, play and artistic processes used in a number of different ways. Having worked with VCI for the past 14 years  there are three programs in place on a continual basis. Diversion : I choose to change a life : That takes place most Friday and Saturdays using art to heal and change behaviour and attitudes. These are divertees who have done crime who are being rehabilitated through attitude  change. They use the art process  to recognise and   make changes in their lives. They come on our program from the Randburg Courts.


Isiqalo : Art is used as a tool for self- development and as a healing tool for social workers.

Sondela : For the youth where dialogues are translated into art works using colours, signs and symbols, words and values for expression for the youth using topics identified  through dialogues.  

Pep: A Social innovations program to assist learners grade 4 and 5 who start learning English literacy  to learn through art and drama.

"Check out our students work"

Students and participators in iBi’s Art Courses are encouraged to discover for themselves those aspects of the Arts which best suit them, with the helpful guidance of Isa Schwartz Gesseau and her tutors on hand to show them the way, to teach them the timeless methods of artmaking and to encourage them to discover for themselves the magical, healing and rejuvenating powers of Art!